Last Day In Taiwan

We spent our last day in Taiwan doing laundry (it’s free to do your laundry at Shin Sei Bashi Hotel) and right after we decided to visit the Rainbow Military Village.

Rainbow Military Village

How to go:

From Taichung Railway Station, alight at Xinwuri Station.Then walk outside of Xinwuri Station to the bus stop. Wait for Ubus 56 going to Gancheng and alight at Rainbow Military Village.

Tip: In Taichung, the first 10 km of your ride is free. For this trip, we didn’t spend that much cash going to Rainbow Military Village.The Rainbow Military Village became popular after Huang Yung-fu, a veteran in his mid-80s, transformed the village into a vibrant tourist destination.Murals of people, animals and some cartoon characters can be seen. Mostly, couples and people who are into instagram visit this place.

Gaomei Wetlands

How to go:

From Taichung Railway Station, alight at Qingshui Station.We just ride a taxi from Qingshui Station to Gaomei Wetlands to save time (fare: NTD120) and to witness the sunset.

There’s a lot of windmills in Gaomei Wetlands and it is super windy so better wear pants. I made a mistake by wearing a dress and it is not suitable in the area.Gaomei Wetlands is a grassy and muddy tidal flat where you can catch the sea breeze.It’s a great place to unwind and walk and appreciate the beauty of Gaomei Wetlands.


Spirited Away in Jiufen (Taiwan Day 2)

Jiufen is a short ride from Bitou Cape. This is a place where you can find a lot of cheap stuff to find for souvenirs and it is located in a very narrow street.

There are spirited away merch, too that you will find here plus a lot of restaurants and other food stalls where you can experience eating delicious Taiwan delicacies.

I bought high mountain tea for NTD200 per box. This is requested by my father.

We also bought nougat for 3 for NTD500.

We also bought Pineapple Cakes for NTD200 per box. Pineapple cake is famous in Taiwan.

And this one is like hopia in the Philippines but a bit larger and more delicious. You may buy one at NTD150 per box.

So if you wanted to bring “pasalubong” just visit Jiufen.

Stranded in Taiwan Day 2 (Bitou Cape)

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

The second day of our trip is composed mainly of long walks in a long trail.

The night before I checked where we should go since most of the Yehliu Tour is already booked. I stumbled upon Bitou Cape and found that it is near the Jiufen Area and other tourist spots.

I searched on how to go there and I found out that you just have to go to Taipei Main Station. I am fascinated by how large Taipei Main Station is and its architecture is like one of those things you see on TV.

You still need to go to the Kuo Kuang Bus Terminal to get your ticket going to Bitou Cape, which costs NTD121.

The waiting area for the bus (Bus 1811) is located outside of the Kuo Kuang Bus Terminal and the ride is a bit long due to traffic experienced in the express way.

After 23 stops or approximately 2 hours of traveling, you’ll hear the intercom saying that it is now approaching to Bitou Cape. You need to press the red button on the bus for it to stop.

The bus stop is at the foot of Bitou Cape and you’ll not get lost as there are signs around the area pointing you on where to start the trail.

Please keep in mind to make all the toilet thing before the trail as the toilet found along the trail is not that clean and it is not maintained. Also, please make sure to bring lots of water and snack with you.

As we walked on the trail, luckily, it started to rain. But that didn’t stop us from walking on the trail.

You’ll be welcomed by the lavish green scenery surrounding the area. It is always refreshing and relaxing when you’re surrounded by nature. And what I like more is the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore.

Bitou Cape has one of the easiest trails. It is cemented and there are signs everywhere. However, there’s no lamp post along the trail so walking on it in the afternoon until dark is a bit dangerous.

Along the trail there are a number of tourists. I am surprised to know that there’s a huge number of elderly going for a walk on the trail. There are even Filipinos that we encountered on the trail and there are other Asians too.

We have different purpose on doing such but one thing is for sure. Walking on a trail is one of the greatest stress relievers. If you’re worried of a lot of things, you can always vent it out on nature.

Nature is the great shock absorber of all things negative and a great friend who will just listen and make you at ease after a while.

After a few moments, the rain shower stopped for a while and I indulge myself to the view of the place. If could just put this place in pandora’s box and carry it anywhere, I would do it as this place gives me peace of mind and comfort.

When the rain totally stopped, we continue our journey and we are in great awe when we reached the top.

How We Walked Our Way To The National Palace Museum (Taipei Day 1)

You’ll not enjoy traveling if you don’t get lost once in a while. Getting lost is the fun part. (Ronacris Collado)

Are you ready to get lost? Getting lost is inevitable. Even the most prepared got lost unexpectedly. 😂

Let me tell you how we got lost on our first day in Taipei.

Our first agenda is to buy a 72-hour Metro Pass since we’ll only be spending 3 days in Taipei. We got it at MRT station for NTD380.

This way we could go to popular places in Taipei without booking in Taipei City Tours or such because personally, I don’t like the idea of how limited your time is to explore such tourist destination. Plus it do helped us save a lot.

The National Palace Museum is our first stop. According to my research we just needed to ride on the Red Line or Tamsui Line and get off at NTU Hospital Station. But boy! It was all wrong. There’s no National Palace Museum near NTU Hospital Station. We walked for a bit to check but there’s none. What we found is the National Taiwan Museum.

Thank God we have wifi so I googled National Palace Museum and we rode MRT again and get off at Shilin Station. Since Google says it’s just more than 1 km, we decided to walk our way to the National Palace but before that we decided to eat first at Sad Super Hot Noodles. After chibog time, we started our looonng walk to the National Palace.

What I like about walking is that surprises you with hidden gems along the way.

We passed by Fulin Park where it has that Stone Henge vibe.

After less than an hour of walking under the sun, we finally arrived at our destination.

I instantly felt like being transported back to the era where Taipei is not modern yet. I was in awe when I saw this beautiful National Palace Museum. The entrance is intimidating enough and it boast how detailed and how intricate Chinese architecture is.

If you’re thinking there’s not enough tourist, then better head inside and see it for yourself. Entrance to the National Palace Museum cost NTD250. One of the cashiers is a Filipina who happened to wed a Taiwanese and she’s living for years in Taiwan now. She’s quite surprise to see a lot of Pinoy and we told her that Taiwan is now visa free for Pinoys.

What we found inside the museum are collections of porcelains, calligraphy and paintings that stood the test of time.

Evident of the relics found, Taiwan has huge contribution in the arts department and everyone will agree that Taiwan has a great eye for details.

Note: Here’s a great spot in the National Palace where you could unwind and appreciate nature.

International Travel Tips

Where to book tours?

Last 2015, my bestfriend and I went to Hong Kong. Months before our trip, we wanted to experience almost all of the things Hong Kong has to offer with the exception that it has to be on a budget. I searched for cheap deals online and one of the amazing things that I found is Klook.

Why Klook?

a. The tickets for attractions are cheaper.

b. You’ll have an express pass in ticketing booths. There’s no need to wait in long lines.

c. They offer the best tours and attractions the city that you wanted to go to has to offer.

d. They offer off-the-beaten path tours, which gives you more options of tours and entitles you to explore the place in a different perspective.

Travel Tips


1. On booking a flight

Most of the people around me often ask how do I manage to purchase a low-cost flight. My secret is simple:

A. Sign up in an airline’s website. One of the perks of this is that you’ll be given advance notification via e-mail with regard to their seat sale and, in some airline, they even give a 24-hour priority booking prior to the actual seat sale release date.

B. If you’re not always checking your e-mail for “seat sale alert”, at least always check the website’s promo page. Most of the time, seat sale is released at 12 midnight or 12 noon, which runs for 3 or more days.

C. Book only one-way ticket per seat sale. For example, last April 16, 2017 Cebu Pacific released a seat sale going to Taiwan, which costs Php899 per way. I opted to travel on the month of November. My departure date from Manila to Taiwan is November 6. Luckily, the fare for this date is Php899. Unfortunately, the return flight fare costs Php2500+ on my return date of choice. Php2500+ fare from Taiwan to Manila is relatively cheap compared to its regular price but I wanted cheaper flights. So, I decided not to book any return flight and wait for another seat sale. Come May 1, Cebu Pacific released another seat sale. I searched for Nov 13 flight from Taiwan to Manila and guess what, the fare is only TWD888! When you convert it to peso it would cost you approximately Php1500. My roundtrip ticket to Taiwan costs only Php2399 and it’s a double yay!

2. On booking accommodation

There’s one question for this: Are you looking for a place to stay in luxury or a place just to put your luggage in, sleep in and eat at? If your choice is luxury, then go ahead and book at a hotel. If your choice is the other one, Airbnb is the answer or any other hostels.

I’ve booked at Airbnb twice. The first one is for a stay in Boracay and the other one is for a stay in Bangkok.


a. The space is all yours at a low-cost fee. Just imagine a presidential suite-sized hotel room or a 1-bedroom condo unit all for yourself.

b. You may cook and do laundry. Yes! You read it right! I did cook when in Boracay and Bangkok and even do laundry, too.

c. You’ll get that feeling of home away from home because you’re really staying at a house of a native from that place. In addition, you’ll get some travel tips from the house owner.


a. Some of the cheap places to stay at in Airbnb is far from where do you intended to go to. This depends on how much you research the place before booking. Therefore I suggest to check the place if it is near the beach or near the city center before booking.

b. If you book it, don’t you ever change your mind because you’ll not be able to get a full refund. There’s a certain fee that will be charged upon cancellation of booking.

c. If you booked for tours in a foreign country and it do include hotel pickup and drop off, you might add some fee for this depending on your location.