Zhong She Guanguang Flower Market

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

How to go:

From Taichung Railway Station, we purchased a ticket going to Tai’an Station for NTD68. Then we walked from the train station to the flower market. We followed google maps for the direction.

This is the most memorable trip for me. First, I got to ride Taiwan HSR. It’s a super fast train and super comfortable too.

Second, the journey to the flower farm is not that easy. Yes, you’ll just alight at Tai’an Station and yes you’ll just walk to the flower market but did I tell you that it’s a long walk? It’s over 1 km walk. You’ll pass a rice field and a poultry farm and then you’ll doubt if you are walking in the right direction. And yes you are walking in the right direction. The flower market is just too far from the train station and there’s no taxi at the train station waiting. Honestly, the long walk is worth it.

Across the flower market, there’s an eatery where you could buy meal for less than NTD100. We thanked this eatery as we are so hungry on the way to the flower market.

The entrance fee at the flower market is NTD150. There are also souvenirs at the flower market and a fashionable straw hat is only NTD50. I bought a fashionable straw hat in Shilin Night Market for NTD200 and I regret buying one. I could have saved NTD150. Sad life.

However, the long walk is super worth it. The smell at the entrance of the flower market is that of fresh flowers and every angle of the place is instagrammable. Here are my top pics.

For those who are instagram-savvy you’ll love this place.

On the way back to the train station, we hired a taxi and we paid for NTD120. Then, when we are about to purchase a ticket going to Taichung, there’s no one at the ticketing booth.

We walked and walked to find other means of transportation but there’s none. There’s no bus stop nearby. No taxi passing by either. We thought of walking back at the flower market but it’s too far.

It’s almost 4 pm when I decided to just hop on the train and we’ll just pay at the station. I messaged my Taiwanese friend who is in Keelung and explained our situation. He told us that we could just hop on the train and we’ll just tell the officer at the train station that we didn’t buy a ticket as there is no one in the ticket booth. He even composed a message for us to show. We greatly thanked him for being so helpful in our journey.

We felt so drained that day even if we had a good time at the flower market. It’s just 5 in the afternoon. We decided to stop by Miyahara and eat some ice cream to ease all of our worries and tiredness and every negative feelings that we felt. It’s the best decision ever.

When you stepped inside Miyahara, it felt like you are inside Hogwarts. It felt so magical in Miyahara and there’s so many desserts around. Different kinds of chocolates everywhere and different flavors of ice cream too. It’s definitely a stress reliever haven.

We bought a three-scoop ice cream for NTD245 and it is so worth it. You could free taste every single flavor before buying plus it comes with three toppings.

Whatever happened on this day, it is still an amazing adventure and thought me of so many things that would surely be on my checklist in my next travel.