Best Spot For Capturing Taipei 101 (Taipei Day 2)

“I will be rising from the ground

Like a skyscraper…” 🎶🎶🎶

We arrived at 5.30 pm in Taipei after our Bitou Cape and Jiufen adventure. It’s quite a journey and still we have the energy to explore more of Taipei.

Our last four stops for the day are National Taiwan University where some of the Meteor Garden (Hanayori Dango) setting was taken, the Red House, Presidential Office and Taipei 101.

At 5 pm, there’s still light outside Taipei but at 5.30 pm it almost feel like 10 pm already. The transition of lightness to darkness in Taiwan is kinda fast. So if you’re planning to go to Taiwan in “ber” months, make sure that your itinerary is only until 5 pm.

National Taiwan University

How to go:

From Taipei Main Station MRT, ride on the Red Line going to Xiangshan then alight at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Station.

Then transfer to the Green Line going to Xindian Station and alight at Gongguan Station.

From Gongguan Station you’ll see signs on how to go to National Taiwan University. Just follow the signs and you’ll get there.

It’s already dark outside when we arrived at the University so we didn’t have the chance to explore more. We stayed just close to the entrance gate as we are afraid that we might get lost because the University is huge.

Memories of my highschool days flashed. I remember that I am always in a hurry going home from school just to watch Meteor Garden, the first Asianobela aired in the Philippines.

I am a huge fan of Shan Cai who is tough and is the defender of the weak.

I also remember that in my school in highschool, almost all of the girls braided their hair like that of Shan Cai and would also dress like her on wash day.

The Red House

How to go:

From Taipei Main Station, ride on the Blue Line going to Dingpu and alight at Ximen Station then follow the signs going to the Red House.

There are a lot of food stalls near the Red House so you won’t be hungry.

Today the Red House is the site of the annual gay New Year’s Eve countdown and the Taipei Pride and the Mr. Gay World Taipei pageant.

Presidential Office

How to go:

From Taipei Main Station, ride on the Blue Line going to Dingpu and alight at Ximen Station Exit 3 and walk towards Far East Department Store to reach the Presidential Building.

This Baroque-style building is well guarded and is located at the city center of Taipei.

Taipei 101

How to go:

From Taipei Main Station, ride on the Red Line going to Xiangshan and alight at Taipei 101 Station. Then follow the signs going to Taipei 101 observatory.

We purchased a ticket from Klook for Php866 per pax to be able to visit Taipei 101 Observatory.

After ticket verification, you’ll need to wait in a long line as they allow visitors to go to the observatory by batch. Even if we booked on a weekday that is not Friday, there’s still a huge number of tourists visiting the Observatory during night time.

The first thing that you will do is have your photo taken and you have a choice of printing and claiming it for a reasonable price.

Then you’ll ride the elevator that can transport you to the 89th floor in just a matter of 45 seconds. You’ll also be amazed of the constellation-like panel that is installed in the elevator’s ceiling.

At the 89th floor, you’ll see the night view of Taipei. During the time we went here, it is raining so the glass window is kinda blurry and we didn’t see much.

Then we transferred to the 89th floor to be able to visit the colossal damper, which helps the building withstand earthquakes.

But the real question is, where is the best spot to capture the whole of Taipei 101 and you?

Here’s what we did.

From Taipei 101, we crossed the street and then we tried to take selfies with the Building but it’s kinda hard. And then one of the bystanders saw a foreigner with big and expensive camera trying to capture the whole of Taipei 101.

I overheard him saying that he should go downstairs and from there he will be able to capture the beauty of Taipei 101. When we heard that, we followed the instruction and voila! We got a good picture of Taipei 101 and me.