How To Be Single: Blog 2

Last 2015, my best friend and I usually hangout during the weekends to do things that we don’t usually do. One fine day, I encouraged her to do archery. It’s raining hard that day but I still managed to convince her to go out.

There are few archery range here in the Philippines that offers cheap archery try outs. One of the places that we found is Kodanda Archery in Makati due to great reviews and affordability.

The archery experience only lasted for an hour. At first I thought ‘isn’t it that fast?’ ‘Will I be able to learn archery in an hour?’

The answer is YES. An hour is enough to learn about the basics of archery and to make your arms tired of holding recurve bow.

Once you’re done gearing up (you’ll wear an arm guard and a finger tab), an instructor will tell you about the do’s and don’ts and some basic tips on how to fire your arrows.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about this sport is that first you should have a good vision. In my case, I have a poor eyesight that even if I wore glasses, the target seems a little blurry for me especially in the long range shots. It also made me realize that in whatever that you wanted to accomplish, you should have a clear vision or goals so you’ll know where you really wanted to go or what you wanted to achieve. Clear vision or goal gives you a snap shot of the golden pot at the end of your rainbow.

Second, archery requires a lot of focus. Your vision and focus should be in synch. If one of it fails, there’s a tendency that your arrow will hit elsewhere beyond the target. Just like in life, if you hit the quarter life crisis, you tend to do a lot of things that sometimes you really didn’t accomplish anything because all of your energy are spread to doing several things instead of focusing on doing one significant task at a time.

Third, archery requires persistence. You’ll not be able to hit the bullseye on your first shot so you have to do it over and over. Whether you’re single or not, life will give you a series of difficult targets. Sometimes you hit it but most of the times you do not. No matter what happens always get up and don’t let your fall define you. Instead, take it as one of those humbling times and get up and show the world that you got what it takes no matter what.


How To Be Single: Blog 1

I started my year with paragliding. There’s a paragliding site in Carmona, Cavite and the experience is awesome!!! (Don’t do this if you’re extremely afraid of heights.)
Last 2015, I booked for paragliding on my birthday (December 16 of 2016). Unfortunately, due to weather and wind constraints, the very anticipated extreme activity didn’t happen and was moved to January the following year.

Straight out of the office, I didn’t sleep because I have a hard time waking up so early. Uwe, the paragliding pilot, will meet me at the pick up point at 7 am. I arrived before 7am and wait for a bit.

Along the way, Uwe told me about how the wind will play a huge part in the activity. He also told me that more than half of his clients are females and most are alone like me. He asked if it is part of my bucket list and it is indeed.

As a single, I really believed that you should have time for yourself and do crazy things that will make you happy and this is one of those things.

Since I am the first rider to arrive, I got to experience a free test ride. It’s around 10am and the wind is building up but Uwe said that it will only lift us up and the wind energy is not enough for us to play with it.
What I saw in the movie is that you’ll run off a cliff and then you’ll flew. But I was wrong. It doesn’t work like that.

First, we rode the truck again to go at the top of the mountain. Then, the paragliding equipments will be set up. A harness and helmet will be worn.

Once all the things are set and the paragliding instructor told you to seat, the wind will blew and in no time, you’re off the ground. Uwe is pulling some strings to navigate us. Strings are like the steering wheel of the paraglide. It let you go left and right and higher and lower.

Up in the air, you’ll see Carmona in a different perspective. The wind will welcome you up in the air as well as the sun so better put some sun protector before doing this.

What I like about paragliding is that you’ll experience what is it like to be a bird flying freely. It’s like a short escape and no one will reach you up in the air. It’s a great stress reliever and it could also be a good sport for you. The experience is so awesome!

After almost 30 minutes, we landed at the top of the mountain safely and smoothly. Prior to landing I was praying that we’ll not crash or anything and we didn’t. Uwe is really a pro at this so you don’t need to worry.

After all the other riders are finished with their ride, Uwe let me ride again. This time the wind is stronger. The height of how high have we flown the first time is twice for my second ride and we got to play with the wind. I got thrilled and so happy when I got to experience the sudden shift in direction.

We’re soaring, tumbling freewheeling. And the view is so much better at the top. We also did surpass the banana plantation and some housing in Carmona. We flew farther and higher for the second ride. And the most awesome part is that we landed on the ground safely and smoothly. Again the ride lasted for 30 awesome minutes! 

I got so lucky I got to experience paragliding twice and the amount I paid is so worth it!

Paragliding sets my mood for the entire year. It made me strong to do whatever I wanted to do. It gives me courage that even if I do it alone, I’ll be able to do it. It made me dream bigger goals. And it made me see that the view is so much better at the top.

If you’re single and lonely, try things you’ve never done before. You’ll see life in a better perspective that way and you’ll slowly find happiness.