How To Be Single: Blog 2

Last 2015, my best friend and I usually hangout during the weekends to do things that we don’t usually do. One fine day, I encouraged her to do archery. It’s raining hard that day but I still managed to convince her to go out.

There are few archery range here in the Philippines that offers cheap archery try outs. One of the places that we found is Kodanda Archery in Makati due to great reviews and affordability.

The archery experience only lasted for an hour. At first I thought ‘isn’t it that fast?’ ‘Will I be able to learn archery in an hour?’

The answer is YES. An hour is enough to learn about the basics of archery and to make your arms tired of holding recurve bow.

Once you’re done gearing up (you’ll wear an arm guard and a finger tab), an instructor will tell you about the do’s and don’ts and some basic tips on how to fire your arrows.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about this sport is that first you should have a good vision. In my case, I have a poor eyesight that even if I wore glasses, the target seems a little blurry for me especially in the long range shots. It also made me realize that in whatever that you wanted to accomplish, you should have a clear vision or goals so you’ll know where you really wanted to go or what you wanted to achieve. Clear vision or goal gives you a snap shot of the golden pot at the end of your rainbow.

Second, archery requires a lot of focus. Your vision and focus should be in synch. If one of it fails, there’s a tendency that your arrow will hit elsewhere beyond the target. Just like in life, if you hit the quarter life crisis, you tend to do a lot of things that sometimes you really didn’t accomplish anything because all of your energy are spread to doing several things instead of focusing on doing one significant task at a time.

Third, archery requires persistence. You’ll not be able to hit the bullseye on your first shot so you have to do it over and over. Whether you’re single or not, life will give you a series of difficult targets. Sometimes you hit it but most of the times you do not. No matter what happens always get up and don’t let your fall define you. Instead, take it as one of those humbling times and get up and show the world that you got what it takes no matter what.