Last Day In Taiwan

We spent our last day in Taiwan doing laundry (it’s free to do your laundry at Shin Sei Bashi Hotel) and right after we decided to visit the Rainbow Military Village.

Rainbow Military Village

How to go:

From Taichung Railway Station, alight at Xinwuri Station.Then walk outside of Xinwuri Station to the bus stop. Wait for Ubus 56 going to Gancheng and alight at Rainbow Military Village.

Tip: In Taichung, the first 10 km of your ride is free. For this trip, we didn’t spend that much cash going to Rainbow Military Village.The Rainbow Military Village became popular after Huang Yung-fu, a veteran in his mid-80s, transformed the village into a vibrant tourist destination.Murals of people, animals and some cartoon characters can be seen. Mostly, couples and people who are into instagram visit this place.

Gaomei Wetlands

How to go:

From Taichung Railway Station, alight at Qingshui Station.We just ride a taxi from Qingshui Station to Gaomei Wetlands to save time (fare: NTD120) and to witness the sunset.

There’s a lot of windmills in Gaomei Wetlands and it is super windy so better wear pants. I made a mistake by wearing a dress and it is not suitable in the area.Gaomei Wetlands is a grassy and muddy tidal flat where you can catch the sea breeze.It’s a great place to unwind and walk and appreciate the beauty of Gaomei Wetlands.


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